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Become a ChatGPT Expert

10x productivity and creativity, translate any language, create incredible content and much more.
The course is now LIVE

Become a ChatGPT Expert

10x productivity and creativity, translate any language, create incredible content and much more.
The course is now LIVE

What you'll learn

150+ Innovative and Useful Prompts Included

Our Chat GPT course can help you expand your social media reach and increase website traffic.

The course is now LIVE

Course Content

  Start Here (Course Details) 

  Meet Your Instructor

  Course Preview

  What We’ll Be Learning

  ChatGPT or Google

  Important Links

  ChatGPT Website Layout

  Effective Prompt Creation

  Article: 150+ ChatGPT Prompts

  Prompt Modifiers for Better Results

  Open AI Playground

  Create Your Own Prompt

  What’s ChatGPT-4 Explained

  ChatGPT Limitations

  Prompt Guide

  Prompt Engineering Explained

  How to Prime Your Prompts

  Prompt Starter Examples

  New Idea and Copy Creation Prompts

  Support Email, Analogy and Bulk Content Creation Prompts

  Revising your Prompts

  Shot Prompting Explained

  Chain of Thought Prompts

  Tabular Prompts

  Questions Before Response Prompting

  Fill-in the Blank Prompts

  Perspective Style Prompts

  Critique Prompts

  Reverse Prompts

  Universal Framework Prompts

  “Act As” Prompts

  Summarize Articles

  Audience Specific Re-Writes

  Create a Custom Health Plan

  Translate Any Language

  Video Summary

  Proofread Copy

  Basic Data Rearranging

  Specific Data Extraction

  Advanced Content Categorizing

  Quick Chart Building

  Copy Editing and Improvements

  Convert Text to Essay Questions or True/False

  ChatGPT Internet Access

  Let’s Use What You’ve Learned

  Chapter Intro

  Blog Posts

  Essay Writing

  Online Course Building

  Product Ad Creation

  Amazon SEO

  Social Media Videos Scripts

  Product Ad Campaign Content

  Video Descriptions, Titles, and Tags

  Product Descriptions

  SEO and Keyword Prompts

  Podcast Scripts

  Music GPT

  Resume Building Prompts

  Write Your Personal Bio with ChatGPT

  Presentation Prompts

  E-Book Builder

  Social Media Growth

  Niche Specific Content

  Let’s Create an Ad

  Chapter Intro

  Drilling Down

  Business Growth

  Job Interview Prep

  Employment Emails

  Learn From Successful Entrepreneurs

  History of Success

  Social Dynamics and Relationships

  Therapy GPT

  Got Skills

  General Usage

  Dissect and Summarize any Website Article

  Making Math Easy

  Similarities and Differences

  Learning Different Languages

  Handyman GPT

  Travel Guide Prompts

  Schedule Maker

  Research a Topic That Interests You


  Train ChatGPT to Write Like You

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No prior experience with AI, coding, or web design is needed.


The Best ChatGPT Course for Beginners

GPT Crash Course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to maximize Chat GPT’s full potential.
The course is now LIVE

This course is for:


Professionals working in marketing can drastically enhance their productivity by mastering Chat GPT. The software offers valuable prompts that make tasks such as ad copywriting, SEO content creation, email drafting, and video scripting significantly more manageable.


By utilizing artificial intelligence, you can expand your business substantially without the need to hire many new employees. This presents an opportunity to stay ahead of your competition while avoiding an increase in labor costs.

Business Owners

As companies race to acquire AI skills, the demand for expertise in utilizing software such as Chat GPT is at an all-time high. If you can master this technology and assist clients, there is a wealth of opportunities available to you. Enrolling in this Chat GPT course is a great way to future-proof your skillset and seize the moment.

Unlock the Power of ChatGPT

Better prompts equal better results.
The course is now LIVE

By the end of our Chat GPT Course you will have learned how to:

Create high quality, engaging content

With GPT Crash Course, you will master the art of creating compelling blog posts, sales copy, and other forms of content that will captivate your intended audience and leave them eager for more.

Increase productivity by 5-10x

Learn how to incorporate AI into your business operations and automate various processes to increase efficiency and productivity.

Create quality lead magnets that convert

GPT Crash Course teaches you how to create top-notch lead magnets that will appeal to your target audience and increase your conversion rates.

Write high quality ad and sales copy

You’ll receive valuable advice on constructing effective calls to action, proposals, and other key components that enhance your ability to finalize more transactions and boost your income.

Grow your social media following

Interested in crafting posts that spark conversations? GPT Crash Course will show you how to leverage AI for generating captivating social media content that truly connects with your followers.

Rank higher with outstanding SEO

By using ChatGPT, you’ll be able to craft an effective SEO strategy that not only increases your website’s traffic but also brings in a record number of customers.

Provide top-shelf customer support

With the correct ChatGPT prompts, you can offer superior customer service that separates your business from the rest of the pack.

Build engaging surveys and quizzes

Take your understanding of your customers to the next level by creating personalized quizzes and surveys with the help of Chat GPT.

Impress potential employers

With the help of our Chat GPT prompts, you’ll be able to create unique job application letters that differentiate you from the competition, increasing your chances of landing your dream job!

Have a good laugh

GPT Crash Course will teach you how to use ChatGPT to generate songs, poems, jokes, speeches, rap battles, and much more.

Become a ChatGPT Expert

Use ChatGPT to enhance customer interaction, develop effective marketing campaigns, and boost sales. Start your journey now and begin creating incredible results!
The course is now LIVE

Student Reviews

Jennifer M.
Jennifer M.
Read More
Very thorough course that covers Chat GPT basics and much more including how to create prompts that I need the most. Thank you Jim for teaching at a pave everyone can keep up with.
Eric W.
Eric W.
Read More
As a ChatGPT rookie GPT Crash Course was exactly what I was looking for to help me catch up. Half way through the course I was already using what I learned to create cold emails that I'm sending to prospective clients.
Brock J.
Brock J.
Read More
Thank you! Jim does a great job of explain advanced prompt engineering in a style that is very easily absorbed. A great course that's worth every penny.
Helen K.
Helen K.
Read More
Jim is the best at breaking ChatGPT down and explaining it clearly. I'm a copywriter who suffers from occasional writers block and I can already see how this is going to improve my writing style and the time it takes me to complete an article. Thank you.
Daniel H.
Daniel H.
Read More
The amount of information shared in GPT Crash Course is amazing. I've signed up for 3 ChatGPT course and this is by far the most helpful. If you're looking to level-up your prompt writing, this is the course for you.
Max B.
Max B.
Read More
I thought the Chat GPT videos on Youtube were good. Wow, was I surprised by GPT Crash Course. 100% feel like I'm getting way more information than I paid for. Thanks Jim.
John M.
John M.
Read More
This is a great course that is very easy to follow and covers what you need to know without a lot of fluff. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to quickly get up to speed on ChatGPT.
James S.
James S.
Read More
I just signed up about a week ago and the course has already been updated to reflect recent ChatGPT changes. I don't usually write reviews but this course helped me so much I had to give it 5 stars.
Bryan J.
Bryan J.
Read More
Chat GPT looks simple but it's really not. Jim's course helped me to realize what's really possible and showed me exactly how to get the most out of Chat GPT. Course is such a time saver and a heck of a great deal.
Rajat B.
Rajat B.
Read More
Great content. Engaging instructor. And a wealth of useful information. Thank you.

Quit Wasting Time With Random Youtube Videos

GPT Crash Course packs all of the information you need to get up to speed on ChatGPT into one informative and easy to follow video course.
The course is now LIVE


Welcome to the GPT Crash Course on how to use ChatGPT for your unique needs. This course is specifically designed for beginners, including digital marketers, freelancers, content creators, business owners, Amazon sellers, influencers coders, and more. With the help of walkthrough and explainer videos, valuable downloadable resources, and informative articles, you will learn to use ChatGPT to its full potential.

The course will start with an introduction to ChatGPT, its features, and how it works. You will learn about the various applications of ChatGPT and how it can benefit you in your field of work.

Throughout the course, you will be provided with downloadable resources, including templates, cheat sheets, and guides, to help you implement what you have learned. You will also have access to informative articles on how to use ChatGPT effectively and efficiently.

By the end of the course, you will have a solid understanding of how to use ChatGPT to your advantage. You will be able to generate high-quality content quickly and efficiently, improve your social media presence, and enhance your Amazon product listings. Whether you are a digital marketer, freelancer, content creator, business owner, or coder, this course is the perfect resource to help you take your work to the next level. So enroll today and start learning!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not happy with the course for any reason let me know and we’ll refund your purchase. No questions asked.

GPT Crash Course FAQ's

Chat GPT is an advanced AI language model capable of producing human-like responses to textual prompts.
It can serve as a valuable tool for your enterprise by generating promotional content, composing emails, authoring blog posts, and executing many other tasks.
Absolutely not. You’re able to utilize the entirely free version of the software and take advantage of all the features we discuss in this course.
Indeed, we do! Whenever there are modifications, enhancements, or advancements to Chat GPT, rest assured that as a participant in this course, you’ll be among the first to learn how to leverage these new features.
Yes. There is a discussion box under every course video where you can comment or ask questions.
Yes. You get access to the entire course as well as all future updates for life.
The pace that you progress through the course is entirely up to you. You’re free to navigate straight to the sections that are most relevant to your needs. Remember, you get access to the course for life so take all the time you need.
GPT Crash Course is 1 password per student. Passwords cannot be shared. If you are interested in a group rate email info@gptcrashcourse.com with the number of people who need access to the course and we’ll take care of you.

We offer a 30-day 100% refund policy. (3x Guarantee for more details) If you’re considering a purchase, please make sure to read the course content section of this page first to see exactly what’s covered.

Level-up your Business with GPT Crash Course

Use ChatGPT to enhance customer interaction, develop effective marketing campaigns, and boost sales. Start your journey now and begin creating incredible results!
The course is now LIVE

Our 3x Guarantee

Learn confidently with our comprehensive course and our 3x guarantee. Everyday we help people just like you go from ChatGPT beginners to ChatGPT experts.

How It Works

1. Easy Learning

Every lesson is concise and well planned. We do our best to make sure the information in each video is straight to the point and presented in a way that’s easy to absorb and remember.

2. 30 Day Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied for any reason let us know and we will refund 100% of your purchase. No questions asked!

3. Up-to-Date

ChatGPT is constantly being tweaked and upgraded. We will have the most updated course content so that you always have the newest information guaranteed.


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